For your convenience, we’ve posted the most commonly asked patient questions on our site. If you have a question we haven’t answered, please feel free to call our office to learn more.

How do the doctors and staff keep up-to-date on all of the current techniques and materials?

Our staff takes over 100 hours of continuing education courses each year, which surpasses the amount required by the state. We also subscribe to the latest industry journals to stay current on research and development in the dental industry. As a team and as dental professionals, we are committed to staying abreast of the latest techniques and materials available.

How do I know when it is time to come in for a checkup?

We can send an email or call you to remind you of your next appointment. If we don’t have your email address, please send it to us by clicking here. An average, healthy adult person typically benefits from a professional cleaning and check-up every six months.

Should I be concerned if my gums bleed after I brush?

It is certainly not desirable to have bleeding gums following brushing. Sometimes it can signify more advanced

periodontal disease. At other times, it can be caused by improper brushing techniques. That is why regular dental cleanings and check-ups are important. If bleeding gums persist despite correct brushing and flossing methods or this occurs every time you brush, please contact our office to set up an evaluation appointment. We want you to keep your teeth for life and having healthy gums is crucial to that goal.

Where can I learn more about crowns, veneers, on-lays, inlays and partials?

Our website is designed to help you learn all you need to about the various restorative and cosmetic techniques we offer. On our Services page, you can select your topic of interest from the listing provided. If you desire even more detailed information, visit the American Dental Association.

Do you have any other options to minimize drilling?

Yes. We use a relatively new filling preparation technique called WaterLase, which uses a laser to remove decay and prepare a tooth for restoration. The site is cleaned out and prepared by sending a blast of high-speed water particles into the cavity itself; the particles hit the tooth under high pressure, bounce off at high speeds and consequently blast away any decay. WaterLase is quick and relatively painless and avoids sacrificing tooth structure.

What dental care do I need when I am pregnant and for my new child?

While you are pregnant, with the increased risk of gum disease, it is very important to still have your regular cleaning appointments. With your new baby, you can brushing with a soft, baby toothbrush with non-fluoride toothpaste at one years old and your child can begin regular dental check-ups at 3 years old.

Do you accept my insurance plan?

If you have a PPO dental plan, we will be happy to file your insurance to directly reimburse you for dental treatment. Please ask one of our staff for more information on dental insurance coverage and/or other financing options.

Do you accept referrals?

More than 90 percent of all new patients are referred to us by existing patients, and this is what makes our practice so worthwhile. We consider your referral to be the highest compliment that you can give us. If the people you care about are concerned about their smile, please let them know about our special dental practice.

What if I have questions?

We encourage our patients to have open, direct communication with us. Please send your questions to allsmiles@golsen.com or call us at 770-667-0669.